logiciel mecanique fluide perte de chargeMecaflux Standard is a participative* Support software for calculations of fluid mechanics, developed in a spirit of pedagogical simplification. Whatever your theoretical or mathematical level, in a few clicks, you enter your data and anticipate the consequences of your technical choices. Economic in parameter assignment times (no drawings required) and price (72€ <=>$94 online direct purchase), Mecaflux gives the helping hand at the right time.

*The participative system (developed following requests from users with free updates) allows mecaflux to evolve at a lower cost, while remaining close to current professional needs through regular and continuous user feedback ..

Inventory of the functions included in Mecaflux Standard.

functions internal flow:

  • New: sizing flues: A calculation tool diameters, height of the chimneys and the flue based on the power of the heat generator and minimum speeds of flue pipes according to their sulfur content, requested by heating installers..

  • New: editor and search for pump operating points: Graphical analysis was increased by an editor pumps used to test the network in comparison with the curves of pumps that you entered in the pump editor .. The pumps are created with the input of 6 points height curves, depending on the flow. A photo and information features, price, supplier...,Can be entered by copying and pasting from a pump builder's website, and stored in a database available for research operating points. The coupling in series and in parallel, can be tested at the same time.

  • New Graphical network analysis in a range of flow rates: The graphs show the proportion of losses by network elements, energy consumption and the cost of losses. Whether an element is improperly sized, this will appear with evidence in operating cost or loss of pressure. This allows to visualize the consequences of choice of material in terms of operating costs and create simulations of different networks in order to find the best compromise.

  • Sizing ducts imposed by the flow This interface allows you to select a list of pipes within trade stocks, or from a series of DN, And automatically search for the best duct, according to the criteria of linear head loss, Installation cost, sedimentation, usually applied in the hydraulic or ventilation professions. A compromise is proposed around 15 mm / m (linear head loss), but the interesting data who is highlighted, is the evolution of the pressure drop as a function of diameter. The choice of the user can be, depending on the damping strategy and expected operating. sizing duct


  • fluid Editor

    • Approximately 120 fluids are already set in density, viscosity, temperature.
    • you can create, save, edit, new fluids according to your own parameters. see: fluid Editor


Head loss calculation:

  • Major head losses calculation after choosing the size of your hydraulic line, flow and roughness ( the most common 10 materials pipes, are already integrated, but you can enter your own roughness) , the major head losses (or linear) is given in sevearl units: fluid M.colonne / Pascal / bars





  • All these results can be recorded in a result sheet, showing the calculation parameters and results ...



External flow, Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics:

Tools Software MECAFLUX

  • Converter unit integrated to MECAFLUX:

    • Forces and Moments. (enter your lever arm angle application....)

    • Power and torque. (conversion units, equation work / time / power, torque / speed rotation)
    • Pressure / force / area (configurable equation with integrated conversion unit)
    • iscosity (configurable equation, conversions, examples)
    • Angles (angles conversion, angular velocity, trigonometry)
    • Temperature (conversion and calculation examples + expansion coefficients of expansion)
    • Lengths and surface (length + conversion calculations Sphere)
    • Volumes and flow rates (conversion flow rates mass / volume + sample volume mass
    • Speed ​​and time (conversion time and speed)
    • Mass and weight (related to the acceleration or deceleration shock accidents examples)
    • Work / Energy (conversion and evaluation of work, according to strength angle length
    • Kinetic energy Force (conversion and evaluation of the kinetic energy, initial / final velocity ...) see more
  • Calculating venturi nozzle:("Tools")

    • You want to manufacture a venturi tube for measuring the flow or create a vacuum system....venturi nozzle

  • Calculating Viscosity:("Tools")
    • You like to know the viscosity of a liquid interface "viscometer home maid" shows you the way to making your viscometer and calculation of dynamic viscosity according to your measurements. (To convert kinematic viscosity you can use the converter)