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Modeling wings or foils in heliciel Model a mast wing sail in heliciel

Aerodynamics Hydrodynamics web app: aerodynamics-hydrodynamics-database

Profiles Aerodynamics / Hydrodynamics

Note about profiles: Methods for aerodynamic testing also apply to the water test.. However, two principles related to liquids must be understood: cavitation and ventilation..

The airfoils are forms studied in wind tunnels. Wind tunnel tests, measure the profile's lift and drag. parameters of the experiment are stored in databases.

When it is desired to design a wing, a sail, a daggerboard or any other object whose lift and drag is important to us, it is useful to refer to the database to select an existing profile, which combined the qualities we are looking for, before reinventing the wheel.

parameter setting of a selected profile in mecaflux

(maximum thickness) / chord = relative thickness

Camber = maximum distance between the rope and the center line profile:

camber profile with its chord

A method of geometric construction profiles according to a mathematical equation been developed by the NACA.

The famous NACA profiles are built from the DIGITS of their name. Mecaflux integrated editor NACA 4 DIGITS profiles that allows you to very simply create a coordinate file and profile drawing by varying DIGITS profile with a cursor:

profiles NACA

Calculations of lift and drag of AERODYNAMIC OR HYDRODYNAMIC profiles with Mecaflux Standard:

interface calculating lift and drag profiles (click for slideshow)

Set speed, fluid, incidence, length and chord, of the wing or daggerboard profile, to get the produced lift and drag .

lift and drag interface of mecaflux standard software


3d hydrodynamic wing profile aerodynamic

A more detailed report on the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic profiles is available at Heliciel


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