the suction head in a pumping system is the vertical dimension measured between the surface of the suction tank and the axis of the pump. This height is directly related to the hydrostatic load

This suction height plays a key role in the power of the pump and can not exceed a certain height (due to cavitation). When the maximum height is reached, may be placed an intermediate pump , or pressurize the suction tank, or reducing the temperature of the fluid ...

The maximum suction height depends on the saturated vapor pressure of the fluid and therefore the temperature and ambient pressure.

The maximum theoretical suction height of the water, at sea level, is about 10.33 meters. in practice we consider the NPSH of the pump and the pressure losses due to fluid flow.

The practical maximum suction height is located around 7 meters at ambient temperature.

suction height

With Mecaflux standard

In pump systems / turbines, suction height, updating the parameters of power interface and raises the alert cavitation if the network or pump generates cavitation:

Height control network interface cavitation suction pumps / turbines