The tank pressure acts on the flow...

Note: The calculation of leakage flow of an holding tank for rain water or emptying of, reservoir of liquid or gas, is detailed in the article: calculation of leakage flow from a tank

Use and configuration of tanks in computing power pump and turbine in Mecaflux Standard:

The suction and discharge tanks can beings expanses of open water, such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs of dams ... or closed tanks:

  • If the tank is open, the reservoir pressure is ambient atmospheric pressure. In mecaflux if you check atm pressure in the reservoirs, the calculations will be based on the atmospheric pressure according, to altitude , and to suction height and discharge height, that you entered.
  • If the tanks are pressurized, clear atm in the diagram and enter your pressure values​​. This is useful if you want to calculate the power of the pump for a given tank's pressure.

the pressures in the tanks

For calculations of flow, or operating points of networks, supplied by tanks or pumps, a comparison of the curve of head loss in the network, with the curve of pressure flow, pump or tank, feeding the network.. Graphical analysis and other integrated Mecaflux standard tools allow this kind of calculation:

See: Determining the operating point or flow of a network connected to a pump or tank.