The power delivered by a turbine dam

Calculating the head loss in a plumbing system pumping

Properly sizing a ventilation or aspiration

The power output by a turbine supplied by a pressurized fluid.

The lift of a wing, a fin or a Foiler, friction forces acting on the sails, the ship hull or daggerboard are treated by aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.

designing a wind turbine, shapes and dimensions of your blades will be evaluated in calculations of external flows in fluid mechanics.

Consumption of your vehicle at a given speed is largely due to the drag, it is evaluated in the external fluid calculations in fluid mechanics.

Sedimentation velocity of a particle in a fluid, is measured in external flow calculations fluid mechanics.

the incidence of the blades of a turbine is an example of fluid mechanics calculations.

Wind force exerted on a tree is an example of fluid mechanics calculations.