Mecaflux standard comes with a database of coefficients losses including one hundred basic accessories. But this chart of minor load losses can be enriched by your own data collected in supplier catalogs or other literature.

For this a tool to store elements generating minor pressure losses is at your disposal:

Example of element added in the database of minor head loss:

minor pressure head  losses

If you know the minor head loss of an element of your hydraulic or ventilation system, you can save it in your database according to the different parameters accessory.

Exemple: you know the head loss coefficient of a radiator based on the number of tubes. To create this accessory and make it available in the calculation of your networks.

You just need to enter: :

  • the name of the accessory: "RADIATOR"

minor pressure head  losses 2

  • the varying parameter name: "Number of pipes" and
  • The values ​​that will selectable for this parameter : 5 10 15 20 (sample values!)

minor pressure head  losses 3

  • The pressure loss coefficients for these parameters 0,8 1 1,2 1,5 (sample values!)

minor pressure head  losses 4

  • You choose a representative picture of the element and you save it.

  • This element will be integrated with other Available Items to calculate minor pressure losses

minor pressure head  losses