Here are some screenshots of the "toolbox" mecaflux standard.. Covering many cases encountered in studies of projects related to fluids, Mecaflux standard will save you precious time.

The list of functions is detailed on page: list of functions mecaflux

lift and drag on oblique platesizing duct according flowcavitation detectionhead loss coefficient major lossesfluid viscosityminor head lossventuriminor head lossoperating point of pumpconvert normal cubic flowvalve head lossfriction surface boundary layer thicknessviscosity viscosimeterforce drag treepressure formuladrag old cardrag on shelldrag cd proshessea water characteristicmolar masssturated vaporcentrifugal forceoblong ductlift on airfoiledit naca airfoildrag on spherezepelin dragemptying tankdrag on elliptical cylindervalve head loss