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Mecaflux Pro 3D: create and insert pumps and fans in the network
Register pumps or fans in the library allows to insert rapidly in air systems, or hydraulic. Suffice it to drag selected in the library to 3D diagram of the network to test the pump operating point

editor pumps pump operating point network 

Pump editor of mecaflux Standard:

pump fluid operating point

The editor pump is located in the graphical network analysis tool.

It is possible to create a list of pumps available for research the Pump operating points of networks.

To access to the pumps editor, open the graphical analysis tool (Tools menu / internal flows / graphical analysis):

 Specifications range pump operation

Check the "operating points of pumps".

and editor pump opens wide. You can enter the characteristics of your pump or select one from your list of pumps. The operating point of your pump, and network segment will be calculated, if you click select a network and click next.

pump selection

Here we see a domestic circulator pre recorded, but at first you must enter the pumps as curves of 6 points in height load depending on the flow.

These manufacturers data are generally available on the net or in the manual supplied with the pump .. To create a new pump available in the editor select "create pump whith curve":

pump operating curve

you're about to create your pump..

pumps curves

By inserting the 6 points of your "curve manufacturer" mecaflux calculate equation of your pump curve and the curve equations couplings:

         pompes couplées

you just have to save this pump in your database by clicking on can enter a name for the address of a manufacturer of its website, the specifications (a simple copy paste of the description on the website of the manufacturer in the text window), the price, or delays for memory and pump photo ,also recovered at the site of the distributor:

list of pumps

For a full integration of catalog pump manufacturer, thank you to contact mecaflux :__contact@mecaflux.com___


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