Propulsion or capture propeller, wind turbines, tidal turbines and fans
The history of the methods of calculation of propeller is long and empirical, but the theories of calculations blades were established and used to predict the performance and the shapes of profiles. (voir theories helices) The methods of calculations are sometimes poorly mastered by the mechanical engineering offices . It is a major cause of poor performance and additional operating costs of some propellers systems.

software calculation of propeller HELICIEL

The HELICIEL software brings to office studies the possibility of designing propellers adapted to a set of specifications. Heliciel delivers the performance and the shape of the twisted blade to igs format for 3D cad Solidworks or other type of software. The technician or engineer who wants to have plans to create forms adapted to the propeller system and evaluate its performance in terms of power, speed, torque, can then use the software HELICIEL,to generate 3D plans IGS format of its propeller blades and anticipate the performance and power of the system.

Representation of the drag and lift on an propeller blade in Héliciel

tidal turbine propeller in Héliciel

Heliciel is software for creating turbines or propellers. HELICIEL allows you to draw and calculate the efficiency of a propeller hydraulic energy Kaplan style capture, or turbines but also aircraft, boats propellers, fans ....

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