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Configuration: compatible with all versions of Windows. For Mac, an emulation type "Boot Camp" or other is necessary. to use Pro3D or Heliciel, DirectX9 drivers (3D Management) should be installed (free).

Recommended minimum system requirements for Pro3D and Heliciel (standard Mecaflux requires no minimum hardware)

The software can run on less efficient, the minimum being to have a graphics card outside the motherboard's default card.

Updates: Mecaflux regularly updates its software based on user feedback. These updates are free and unlimited in time.


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Mecaflux Softwares Store

Mecaflux Suite is a software suite to help mechanics calculations fluids. This software suite, tutorials and theoretical background online, provide a self-taught or knowledge building. The aim of this suite is to put within the reach of everyone the essential applications of fluid mechanics

The consulting firm found in this suite, the software tools needed to carry out specific projects dealing with fluids, the specialist will find applied media,and the student further information..

Video Presentation of the mecaflux software suite:
Prices all taxes includes. Euros :210€ <=> US Dollars:225$
Hydrodynamics of planing hulls. Tools for the shaper and the surfer. Modular surfboard design, wave simulation, WoodKits, 3d export, force analysis, fin hydrodynamics, take off analysis, and more!

Mecaflux Standard
Prices all taxes includes. Euros :78€ <=> US Dollars:83$
This pack includes computer software mecaflux Standard, a generalist toolbox for introduction to the fluid mechanics

Mecaflux Heliciel
Prices all taxes includes. Euros :294€ <=> US Dollars:315$
This pack includes mecaflux Heliciel, an intuitive and complete specialist software for propeller's creation or blades and wings 3D Design.

Mecaflux pro 3D
Prices all taxes includes. Euros :168€ <=> US Dollars:180$
This pack includes mecaflux Pro 3d, simulattion fluid networks with its intuitive 3D interface.(this pack also includes mecaflux standard)

Mecaflux Suite
Prices all taxes includes. Euros :408€ <=> US Dollars:437$
This pack brings together the 3 softwares mecaflux: mecaflux Standard, Pro3D and Heliciel.

Here is an interactive chart summarizing the main functionalities of software suite Mecaflux:

Databases aerodynamic and hydrodynamic airship hull Reverse Engineering: Evaluate the performance of an existing propeller The performance curves of the propellers vortex losses at the blade or wing  tip optimum twist of the blades 3D modeling propellers wings foils performance propellers lift at zero speed modeling counterrotating propellers systemes ventilation aeration tidal turbine and wind energy turbines propeller or Kaplan propeller airplane and boat editing and creating profiles aerodynamic and hydrodynamic lift and drag aerodynamic and hydrodynamic profiles drag and lift on oblique plates Forces on geometric objects in a fluid stream friction on a surface of hull editor liquid or gas power of propeller turbines or pumps list of functions forming the toolbox integrated in standard mecaflux calculation of the operating points ventilations or pump edition graphics piezometric network fluid 3D modeling of fluid network Design of ramified networks Calculation of pressure losses Suite de logiciels Mecaflux Logiciel Heliciel Logiciel Mecaflux Pro 3D logiciel Mecaflux Standard