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            Mecaflux homepage 
            -  Mecaflux software
                  fluid mechanics software
                  Slideshow software screens
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                  Terms and conditions
            -  Table of Contents
                  fluid mechanics software
                  Major loss
                  Minor loss
                  Hydraulic Aeraulic  pipes 
                  Site map
            -  Examples of calculations
                  Examples internal flows
                  Examples external flows
            Heliciel  homepage 
            Table of Contents
                  Heliciel software
                  Aircraft Propellers
                  Boat Propellers
                  Wind Turbines
                  Turbines and tidal turbines
                  Wings and hydrofoils
                  Calculation methods propeller and wing
                  Heliciel Site map
             Aero/Hydro Dynamics
                  Wings and hydrofoils
                  wing and blade Aspect ratio
                  hydrodynamic aerodynamic profiles Database
                  Propellers and hydrofoils cavitation
                  Chord profiles blades wings
                  airfoils and blades profile
                  Apparent wind speed
                  Losses at blade and wings tip
                  Airships submarine and boats hulls 
            Propellers and turbines
                   energy capture Propellers
                          Propellers for energy capture
                        wind turbine components
                        build a wind turbine
                        windmill pumping
                        Wind turbines-windmills-aeroengine
                        Example wind turbine manufacturing permanent magnets
                        manufacturers wind turbines
                        wind turbine generator
                        tidal turbines
                        wind turbine design
                        tutorial tidal
                  Propellers propulsion fluid
                        the propulsion propellers
                        Propellers helicopter aircraft
                        Boat Propellers
                        Propeller propulsion zero speed
                        History boat propeller
                        History propeller aircraft
                        Number blade propeller propulsion
                        Axial pumps hydrojets
                              Tutorial propeller aircraft (1/2)
                              Tutorial propeller aircraft (2/2)
                              Tutorial boat propeller (1/5)
                              Tutorial boat propeller (2/5)
                              Tutorial boat propeller (3/5)
                              Tutorial boat propeller (4/5)
                              Tutorial boat propeller (5/5)
                  hydraulic turbines
                        1: Description turbine
                        2: turbine nozzle
                        3:  design method
                        tutorial turbine 1/3
                        tutorial turbine 2/3
                        tutorial turbine 3/3
                  All propellers
                  propeller shaft
                  propeller geometry
                  propeller history
                  Variable pitch propeller
                  Contra Rotating Propeller
                  propeller Wing rotating
                  propeller pitch
                  Operating point
                  Twist blade propeller
                  apparent velocity
                  fluid speed
                  induced velocity
            HELICIEL Software
                  Heliciel software tutorials
                        All tutorials
                        tutorial wind turbine 
                        Wings and foils
                              Tutorial Wings and foils(1)
                              Tutorial Wings and foils (2)
                        aircraft propellers
                              Tutorial aircraft propellers (1)
                              Tutorial aircraft propellers (2)
                        boat propellers
                              Tutorial boat propellers (1)
                              Tutorial boat propellers (2)
                              Tutorial boat propellers (3)
                              Tutorial boat propellers (4)
                              Tutorial boat propellers (5)
                        hydraulic turbines
                              Tutorial hydraulic turbines 1/3
                              Tutorial hydraulic turbines 2/3
                              Tutorial hydraulic turbines 3/3
                  how to use software
                        Blade or wing frame
                        propeller advance
                        data Base profiles
                        propeller duct
                        Propeller or foils cavitation
                        Choice and forcing profile
                        interface colors
                        diameter propeller
                        Chord distribution profiles
                        blade or wing thickness distribution
                        Blades Plans Edition
                        rebuild function
                        blade propeller Generator
                        Graphic propeller performance
                        profiles Attack angle
                        selection Law of propeller or airfoils
                        Message advice and information
                        rotation and blade number optimization
                        open Project
                        Parameters propeller and wing project
                        Propeller design phases
                        Propeller operating point
                        Radius at the blade root
                        blade propeller or wing Strength
                        reverse engineering
                        multiple analysis
                  Specific functions and Case
                        pitch variation
                        Starting torque wind turbine
                        Propeller at zero speed
                        out design
                        optimum twist
                        reverse engineering
                        multiple analysis
                        List of functions
                  Quick description Heliciel software
                  software discovery Video 
                  Video Example use
                  3D engine
                   software Method calculation
                  Purchases and downloads today
            Methods, theories, calculations
                  the methods
                  Evolution calculation propeller
                  Methods calculations induced velocities
                  propeller Wing rotating
                  helices calculations history
                  Performance propeller
                  Froude theory propeller capture
                  Theory Froude propulsion propellers
                  Propeller blade element theory capture
                  Propulsion propeller blade element theory
                  Lifting line theory-Prandtl
                  Library, sources, bibliographic references on the wing propellers wind turbines ...
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