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At Mecaflux, our customers help us to develop our software, so we believe that it is normal to reward the trust and constructive remarks made to us: the upgrade (scalable update) of the software is therefore free!! Regardless of when your version was purchased! So do not hesitate Consult and download the latest versions available:

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The Heliciel software was used for the theoretical study of the performance of a new generation of surf fins. Dynamic modeling with various incidences and cambers allowed the development of a surf fin with variable geometry (camber + angle of attack). Heliciel is proud to have participated in the US - Europe patents for this new technology (ADAC System: Adaptive Dynamic Attack & Camber) which offers maneuverability and performance that breaks completely with conventional static daggerboard systems. This technological contribution marks a stage in the evolution of the practice of surfing by authorizing new figures and trajectories:

To know everything about the ADAC system: System ADAC:

The blade element method applied for aerial lift propeller: Human powered Helicopter, ultra light, fragile, but it flies with 2000 times less energy than a helicopter, good on-board mass, autonomy and landing in the parking lot of work remain to be refined, but the progress is real in terms of report energy used, onboard mass, therefore respect and congratulations for this real technological feat, all in finesse and lightness: