general conditions of sale


Article 1: Purpose

This document aims to define the general conditions of sale software and marketed by studies. All orders are subject to these general conditions prevailing on any document printed by the Purchaser, which acknowledges having read these and accept them without reservation.

- Section 2: Financial Terms

The price applicable shall be that the day of order taking. Our products are payable credit card directly on the website by credit card from our bank (we never know your number) .

- Section 3: Payment Security

Payment is assured with our bank that provides SSL security and seek the group's authorization of payment card that authorizes the transaction. Regulation is, therefore, perfectly secure. Only orders are honored with a credit card has received authorization from the Bank.

- Article 4: Delivery

Our software and studies are available for download file:
From online ordering software and validation of our bank or receipt of the check, proceed immediately to the sending of key numbers by email.

- Item 5: Guarantee of quality, delivery, responsibility:

The PROVIDER warrants to LICENSEE that the software they provided under the concession of the right to use incorporates no element that third contract could claim intellectual property rights, and / or it holds the rights to him to grant license.
The LICENSEE expresses informed that the software sends the server IP address logged. This is to protect the PROVIDER risk of piracy. Each version of software mecaflux undergoes a battery of tests pushed into each target environments (Windows 98, 2000, XP), the software is delivered via download. After payment, the customer receives an invoice with the license number and the sale will be considered as perfect and can give rise to the exercise of any right rétractation.Une version free update is downloadable from the site for license holders.

The PROVIDER is not responsible for consequential damages, including commercial or financial loss, loss of profits, loss of data resulting from the use of custom studies or the Software.

L These warranties are run for a period of 12 months from delivery the final acceptance of the SOFTWARE. The PROVIDER does not guarantee any defects or nonconformities affecting all computer software used in conjunction with the SOFTWARE or defects or nonconformities resulting for the SOFTWARE .

- Article 6: Clauses property

MECAFLUX retains ownership of the software sold until full payment of the price. The sale includes a license for a single item and a single operating system and one user. Any other use is illegal and must be of a particular contract. Any abuse will result in revocation of the license.
Furthermore the Client is not authorized to sell or modify the software .
The LICENSEE acknowledges that the claimant is the owner of all intellectual property rights in the SOFTWARE under this contract in accordance with the Code of Intellectual Property.
The right is granted to a non-exclusive and non transferable personal intuition, to the needs of the LICENSEE and its staff. The right is strictly limited to acts necessary to operate the software listed in the documentation submitted. THE LICENSEE agrees to take all necessary measures to protect intellectual property rights. Under the provisions of the Act of May 10, 1994, any use not expressly permitted is prohibited. Any change in operation or operating conditions will be an addendum.

- Article 7: Law and Jurisdiction

The LICENSEE agrees not to solicit that legal persons if the regulations of the country permits.

Any disputes concerning the interpretation or enforcement of orders will be settled definitively by the courts in the jurisdiction of the headquarters of the Company.


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