Course and lesson FLUID MECHANICS "simplified" because we limit these courses and lessons to :
  1. Calculation of profiles lift and drag. (flux externes) Forces in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics

  2. Major head loss and pressure drop. (internal flows) The friction and turbulence in pipes

  3. Minor head loss and pressure drop. (internal flows) Friction and turbulence in the fluids networks of aeraulic or hydraulic

  4. Sizing pump or turbine in a fluids networks of aeraulic or hydraulic. power of a pump or a turbine

Calculations of fluid mechanics can achieve infinite degrees of complexity, which we avoid limiting us in the concrete and practical applications.

The purpose of this site is to initiate providing software and tools ludic reflection, fast and applied to specific projects. By navigating through links with curiosity, you will develop a basic understanding of fluid mechanics that will serve you every day for your projects.

As support, a software tool developed in a spirit of pedagogical simplification, brings together the basic tools to handle projects of fluid mechanics. This site provides support online software fluid mechanics:

Mecaflux standard

fluid mechanics software software load losssoftware pressure head losses

aerodynamics hydrodynamics Lift Drag and presure head loss networks

See: list of functions mecaflux Standard

Mecaflux standard software is developed in a spirit of pedagogical simplification. Whatever your theoretical level, in a few clicks, you enter your data and anticipate the consequences of your technical choices. Economic in: parameter assignment times , no drawing required, and price $ 101 (on line download).

a helping hand at the right time in your calculations of pressure losses, pumps, aerodynamics , hydrodynamics aeraulics and hydraulics. (Tool for converting physical units included).

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Examples of applications of fluid mechanics:

You design a car spoiler, an hydrofoil, an aircraft wing, a boat, the plumbing, a pumping system or turbine, aeraulic aspiration , un jet ski, or is curiosity that guides you...

Examples of applications of fluid mechanics