Modèlisation réseau fluide (Aéraulique hydraulique)Modèlisation réseau fluide (Aéraulique hydraulique)

The pressure in one point of the network is the sum of energies of dynamic and static pressures. These transformations of energy are reversible or irreversible

the pressure loss is irreversible loss of pressure because the head loss is converted into heat or noise that we can not re-transformed into pressure.

The pressure generated by changing altitude or height of load (hydrostatic pressure) is reversible: If the duct up of 1 meter, and down of 1 meter, the balance is zero:

the pressure generated by the change in velocity (dynamic pressure) is reversible:If for a given flow a converging cone accelerates the fluid the pressure decreases (see Bernoulli), but if another diverging cone, positioned downstream, slows down the fluid to its original speed, the balance of dynamic pressure is zero:

Fluid network modelisation (aeraulic,hydraulic)

Modeling a network of fluid (air flow, hydraulic or other) predicts the evolution of pressures, velocities and flow of operation of a network based on its parameters of implantation:

The operating point of the network depends on the parameters of implantation. At the study project, the flow of network operation is sought, to check if it is Conform to the project's specifications. The flow of operation is given by the balance between : The pressure energy to the input of the network, are: The pressure energy at the output of the network are: The pressure energies consumed by the network are the head loss. see pump operating point and turbine operating point



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