• The difference in elevation between the point of exit and entry point of a network determines the elevation and the hydrostatic pressure of the system. The hydrostatic pressure can be used to generate the flow. We then have a gravity flow will produce a flow ratewhich stabilizes when pressure losses + the dynamic pressure of the system, will be equivalent to hydrostatic pressure, provided by the height between the altitude of entry and exit.
  • The geographical altitude (relative to sea level) is a factor that may be important in the parameters of a pumping system.
As altitude increases, air pressure decreases. A liquid begins to boil when the saturated vapor pressure is higher than ambient pressure.

a pressure drop can therefore cause boiling of the liquid without changing its température.This is what happens in a pipe or pump when the depression is too high. We say that the pipe or pump cavitate.

The fall of atmospheric pressure is usually never enough to generate cavitation ,but a network, dimensioned to operate at sea level may cavitate, if it is installed in the same configuration at 3000 meters altitude

altitude et pression dans MECAFLUX

Altitude is a parameter to be included in the tab system of pumps and turbines, a value of ambient pressure is given as a function of temperature and altitude

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