To facilitate data entry of fluids used in the calculation of pressure losses with the softwares of Mecaflux suite,

The database viscosities of fluids, gases or liquids, integrated mecaflux comprises about 100 fluid, and 35 gas whose dynamic viscosity is given as a function of temperature.

The editor of fluids allows you to configure and save a viscosity of a gas or liquid of your choice depending on its temperature. The new fluid can be stored in the database Viscosity of software.

By selecting the temperature of the fluid of your choice, you refresh the dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, temperature and density of your fluid in the calculation of minor or major head loss.

The editor of fluid viscosity:

List liquids gas viscosity fluid density according temperature mecaflux

When the fluid is a gas selected, you are asked to enter the operating pressure and the density of the fluid is recalculated.

Particular caution when calculating the pressure drop compressible fluid is to be respected:

The calculation of losses is always based on a volumetric flow rate of fluid , if your data specifications are normal m3 or mass flow, you must convert the flow in m3/hr .A converter has been planned on the software: normal cubic meters converter.