The drag and lift on an inclined plate in a fluid flow (angle of incidence) can be calculated with the study of oblique plates in mecaflux

Resistance oblique plates in a fluid stream can, for example, to quickly evaluate the stresses on a solar panel attached to a frame. Just enter the width and length of the plate representing the solar panel and indicating the incident angle it forms with the wind.

For example one can calculate the forces on a blade or dawn of mill, at an angle and a given water speed at a moment of its rotation.. This applies to the thrust generated by a blade impeller of paddleboat. The sum of the forces may give the torque on the shaft depending on the position and number of blades ...

The lift force and the drag will be given in Newtons as a function of the rate of fluid entry. The fluid used can be changed by selection (air, water, oil....) or by entering the parameters of density and viscosity.

Mecaflux uses the method of rayleigh kirchhoff Corrected described in the report naca dealing plates in a fluid stream .

to calculate the forces of drag and lift forces on inclined plates in a fluid flow, use the "oblique plate in Mecaflux:

resistance oblique plates in a fluid stream drag lift