Calculation of pressure losses

Find out how to calculate pressure drops in pipes, using the equations and the various associated formulas.

There are various formulas to determine the coefficient of regular head losses, the choice of the formula depends on the flow regime that is evaluated with the Reynolds number.

Obtenez des practical examples and advice for making your own calculations with the Mecaflux software

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Pressure drop factor

Pressure drop factor

Understand the concept of head loss factor (Friction loss and Minor losses) and its importance in the evaluation of head losses in water distribution networks. Learn how to calculate it and how to use it to optimize hydraulic performance with Mecaflux Standard and Mecaflux Pro3D

Pipe systems

Explore the different types of pipe systems used in industrial and domestic applications. Discover the good practices to minimize the pressure losses and ensure a effective hydraulic balancing with Mecaflux pro3D

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