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List of Updates mecaflux PRO 3D

Mecaflux pro3D is a software who learns daily from its users, so give your opinion, propose updates and Download for free the result of your participation in the development of this software Collaborative.

All updates in one download :The latest version includes all previous, Download and run the installer below to update your software:

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Version dated 2023-29-11 :

What's new in this new version?

  • “save network from selected item” function has been corrected and added. This new function, accessible in the software's record menu, allows you to extract a part of the network, defined by the selection of the element where the part to be recorded begins. This makes it simpler to reproduce defined areas of an existing network.

This version includes all the previous ones.


What's new in previous versions?:

  • Version dated 2023-11-06 configuration of the "documents" folder accepting specific location parameters, and specific network permissions
  • Version of 2023-06-15 Addition of a tool for calculating the equivalent hydraulic diameters of free surface channels, the equivalent diameter makes it possible to obtain a pipe of equivalent diameter, to determine the pressure losses of a channel open at the given flow rate. the user will thus be able to carry out gravity flow tests in channels with a free surface, on a slope: see the tutorial "calculate flow following slope": https://www.mecaflux.com/suite/didacticiels_pro3d.html
  • Version of 2023-06-13 Addition of a “Hyphenation” element to facilitate the representation of very long pipes
  • Version of 2023-05-11 Management of administrator authorizations, launching in a non-administrator session (after validation as an administrator) can be refused depending on network administration strategies. Correction: launching in a non-administrator session (after validation as an administrator) is made easier
  • Version 2.0.99 dated 10/15/2019 The succession of messages to the pump registration could be confusing as to why the registration was canceled. Correction: Modification of the pump recording control timeline (the strictly decreasing curve warning now appears after input controls likely to cancel recording)
  • Version 2.0.98 dated 07/31/2019 Improved compatibility with document folder paths on external servers